About Us


GrannyGear is a cycling academy that focuses on developing the sport of mountain biking at school level. GrannyGear is not school dependent. We are open to all schools and home school children. We offer structured training in the form of group training sessions and skills training clinics.

Our training courses are designed to teach children to ride more efficiently, with reduced risk and increased confidence.  Whether they are beginners or an advanced riders we have courses that develop essential skills to make you child a confident cyclist.

Trainees will be observed throughout all stages of training to ensure that the correct skills are being developed. We try and create a safe and friendly environment for all the rides. We provide fun and safe skills development.


Junior Academy: We cater for Primary School children from grade 1 - 3 and grade 4 - 7. We make these sessions as much fun as possible. Lots of focus goes into having fun on the bike and getting the correct amount of training. At this age it very important to develop the required skills for riding a mountain biking. Skills, skills and more skills.

Senior Academy: This is for our High School students from grade 8 - 12. Our training sessions consist of different skill levels. The focus is on fitness and making the riders stronger and better skilled riders. A structured approach to training delivers workouts and results that are more efficient and effective no matter the level of rider.

Time:     16:00 or 17:00

Venue: Majik Forest / Bloemendal / Meerendal - TMBC bike boards are compulsory. Please contacted Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club if you need a bike board. http://www.tygerbergmtb.co.za/

These training sessions takes place once a week on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoon for 1hour. The venue and times will be announced on the GrannyGear WhatsApp groups.You will be added to the group once you have joined the Academy.

If you feel your son / daughter requires more personal attention, we can schedule a date and time for extra sessions. I do one on one skills clinics and training to improve their handling ability on the bike.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.